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Lessons for Life designs engaging educational software to immerse learners in the world’s most influential language: English. 


Lessons for Life focuses exclusively on helping students master the English language. Every language has its own unique intricacies, nuances, and ideal teaching techniques. By devoting 100% of our time, energy, and research into developing a specially tailored English language program, we provide our students with the most enriching and immersive experience on the market.







How does it work?


Immerse yourself in a fun learning environment.

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More learning happens when students are more engaged. That’s why Lessons for Life combines innovative English language education with the time-honored knowledge that memory is greatly improved when the process is fun. Our solutions have consistently been proven faster and more exciting than our competitors’.




Dive into the experience

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Lessons for Life makes English accessible to everyone through time-tested language learning techniques. Because our program is specially designed for only the English language, we are more effectively able to communicate its nuances and uniqueness.



Join the global conversation

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Lessons for Life builds our content around internationally accepted curricula. By merging interactive technology with listening comprehension, structure, and sequence, deduction and problem solving, and readiness to talk, our learning system prepares you to use your English in the real world.




Proven Methodology


Academically Recognized Worldwide

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With hundreds of thousands of students across a range of schools, businesses, and governing bodies worldwide, Lessons for Life’s educational plan has a superior international reputation.




Strategic and Systematic Instruction

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Our curriculum is carefully sequenced, gradually incorporating new words and phrases, as well as more complex grammar, to build upon previous learning naturally. Each unit is built around a theme and comes with interactive activities, designed to help you reinforce the lessons and practice new skills.




A Comprehensive and Complete Education

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Lessons for Life’s signature product, The Complete Set – V4, ensures students graduate not only with advanced writing, listening, and speaking skills, but also with a superior command of grammar, vocabulary, and western culture.

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