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Expand learning opportunities beyond traditional textbooks and blackboards. With Makerspace, you can build a world of opportunities for tinkerers and thinkers alike. Transform learning spaces into engaging venues of creation, collaboration, and innovation for more effective learning and skill-building.


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What is Makerspace?

A makerspace is a place of innovation where learners, children, and adults alike can gather to create, tinker, discover, share knowledge, work on do-it-yourself projects, and find solutions to various problems using a diverse collection of tools and resources provided in the area.


6 makerspace What is a Makerspace




Why do we need a Makerspace in schools?

Makerspaces address the challenges of 21st-century teaching and learning. By transforming academic libraries and other learning spaces on campus into unique hubs, Makerspaces promote hands-on learning, develop critical thinking, and encourage interaction among students in an informal and more relaxed environment.


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