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FE Technologies is known not only for its innovative suite of products, but for its dedication to providing RFID that works by making sure our products are designed to enhance the experience of library patrons, and free up library staff time from menial circulation tasks so they can provide high value customer service and library program delivery.

Our equipment is designed to enhance, automate, and modernise the circulation functions of a library, providing patron self service, efficient staff circulation functions, a high level of security to protect your valuable collection, and a speedy stocktake solution.


10 Reasons to Choose FE Technologies

FE Technologies has transformed the way our library clients work – creating efficient circulation processes, and designing an outstanding user experience for the library’s own customers.

Here are just some of the ways FE Technologies has worked with libraries to create an RFID system that works for each individual library – RFID Your Way.

Cloud Reporting

Access your statistics from anywhere



Choose your patron user experience


15 Returns Options

Choose a Return Solutions that fits for your library


100% Self Checkout

We will work with you to work towards 100%


RFID Conversion

Make your library RFID ready very easily


Agile Development

If you warrant development you can get it quickly


Quality Certified

You have the confidence that our processes are tested


Library Specialists

You have access to our 10 years of experience



You can rely on us to always support your system


Project Management

Let us guide you through your RFID project



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