Taylor & Francis Ebooks

A single destination for eBooks from Taylor & Francis with increased functionality and an improved user experience to meet the needs of our customers.


Taylor & Francis Ebooks Offers:

  • A streamlined experience for our library customers
  • A single point of discovery for all of our eBook content
  • Improved search and discovery of content at both book and chapter level

Taylor & Francis eBooks features high quality content, including authoritative references from world-renowned and award-winning authors, across thousands of titles. Library users can access millions of pages of rich content from a full range of academic disciplines – from Archaeology to Veterinary Medicine.

Taylor & Francis eBooks includes a librarian admin area which allows swift access to entitlements, full usage reporting, MARC records, licenses, IP ranges, and more.

For library users, improved search and filtering, chapterization, APA format citations, and other features create an enhanced user experience; enabling the student or researcher to find the content they need faster.

This new platform provides a host of other new features and benefits and has been created based on extensive user feedback and testing.


For Library users:

  • Access Taylor & Francis titles on a single platform
  • Filter search results by subject, publication date, or imprint
  • Or, filter search results by the content your institution has access to
  • Return search results by chapter, as well as book title
  • Search using Boolean terms and queries
  • Access books and book chapter pdfs for download
  • View detailed tables of contents
  • Create citations in APA format.


For Librarians:

The new librarian admin area allows you to:

  • Use a single sign on and point of entry for Taylor & Francis eBooks
  • View and manage all entitlements
  • View usage trends
  • Manage institutional IP ranges
  • Access and download MARC records
  • View and manage institutional licenses.


Taylor & Francis eBooks includes thousands of eBooks across our range of subjects:

»  Agriculture

»  Area Studies

»  Arts

»  Behavioral Sciences

»  Biological Science

»  Biomedical Science

»  Bioscience

»  Built Environment

»  Business

»  Chemical Engineering

»  Chemistry

»  Civil Engineering

»  Communication Studies

»  Computer Science

»  Development Studies

»  Development Studies, Environment, Social Work, Urban Studies

»  Earth Sciences

»  Economics

»  Education

»  Energy

»  Electrical Engineering

»  Engineering & Technology

»  Environment & Agriculture

»  Environmental Engineering

»  Environmental Science

»  Environmental Studies & Management

» Ergonomics

» Food Science & Technology

» Forensics

» Geological Science

» Geography

» Health and Social Care

» Homeland Security

» Humanities

» Industrial Engineering

» Information Science

» Information Technology

» Language & Literature

» Law

» Life Science

» Materials Science

» Mathematics & Statistics

» Mechanical Engineering

» Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Allied Health

» Mining Engineering

» Museum and Heritage Studies

» Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

» Nutrition

» Occupational Health & Safety

» Pharmaceutical

» Physics

» Politics & International Relations

» Polymers

» Public Administration

» Reference & Information Science

» Science & Technology

» Social Sciences

» Sports and Leisure

» Statistics

» Tourism, Hospitality and Events

» Urban Studies

» Veterinary Medicine

» Water Science




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