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5-Minute Consult helps physicians and healthcare professionals provide the best patient care by providing quick answers they can trust where and when they need it most.


5-Minute Consult is a fully integrated digital resource to help guide primary care professionals and clinical students in daily decision support, based on the best-selling clinical content in the family medicine market for over 20 years, giving access to the information needed at the point-of-care. It is the fastest resource to obtain the most likely diagnosis, treatment, and management for thousands of diseases.


Accessing 5MinuteConsult.com

5MinuteConsult.com is available on any device, including your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. 5MinuteConsult.com has been designed to provide an optimized, responsive experience on all mobile devices. There is no charge to access your 5MinuteConsult.com subscription via your mobile device over Wi-Fi networks. Accessing 5MinuteConsult.com through your mobile provider’s data network may result in additional data usage charges on your wireless bill.


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