Continuing World Scientific’s tradition of quality print publications, World Scientfic’s E-books and E-journals satisfy the demand for high quality and dynamic academic content on an electronic platform. We understand industry trends as well as library requirements and have developed products to cater to these needs.

Our platform links academics and researchers worldwide to the content they want. It boasts of more than 6,000 e-book titles, and 120 journals, with content which is growing rapidly at a rate of 20% annually.


Subject coverage

Our titles span a wide variety of subjects. With more than 300 E-books added yearly and 120 over journals, World Scientific’s electronic publishing program is growing rapidly to meet the demands of today’s library patrons.

  • Asian Studies (ebooks | journals)
  • Business and Management (ebooks | journals)
  • Chemistry (ebooks | journals)
  • Computer Science (ebooks | journals)
  • Economics and Finance (ebooks | journals)
  • Engineering (ebooks | journals)
  • Environmental Science (ebooks | journals)
  • General and Popular Science (ebooks)
  • Life Sciences (ebooks | journals)
  • Material Science (ebooks | journals)
  • Mathematics (ebooks | journals)
  • Medicine and Healthcare (ebooks | journals)
  • Nanotechnology (ebooks | journals)
  • Nonlinear Science (ebooks | journals)
  • Physics and Astronomy (ebooks | journals)
  • Social Sciences (ebooks | journals)


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