CE-Logic, CICM, continue a strengthened partnership for Library Digitization

CE-Logic by C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions (C&E ALS), in partnership with CICM Philippines, recently entered Phase 2 of the innovation-driven CICM Digitization Project for the CICM Maryhill School of Theology.


Library Digitization is among the wide array of solutions and services offered by CE-Logic, together with Online Library Resources and Research Tools.


In particular, the project with CICM aims to digitize, enhance, and restore the archival materials of the Theology Digital Library by digitizing the full text of records in the CICM Digital Resource. Part of this is ensuring that full bibliographic content is compatible with the institution’s existing Library Management System. In addition, the project also covers organizing and sorting the CICM archival materials into subgroups within volumes, indexing each record by providing access points for easy retrieval, developing & customizing software to serve as an online database, and uploading digitized full-text images to the library’s online catalog.


Phase 1 of the CICM Digitization Project initially started on the 25th of August 2019 and has now successfully completed the indexing and re-boxing of records. Correspondingly, Phase 2 is slated to begin on the 27th of June 2022 and is duly set to index, clean, edit, and upload digitized records for the Theology Digital Library.


The recent commencement of the project’s second phase marks a strengthened and continued partnership between CICM Philippines and CE-Logic. In recognition of this sustained collaboration towards aligned goals, a Memorandum of Agreement Signing was held on the 22nd of June at the C&E Information and Resource Center (IRC), Quezon Avenue.


The event reaffirmed both organizations’ shared commitment to learning innovation and adaptive solutions for library and information services.